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"Hit almost $10K this year in one month which was super exciting!"

Riri Tamura


"I've been taking my business much more seriously and have been showing up for it even on the days I'm not feeling it. I've also started to incorporate outreach into my routine (still working on making it a habit!). This has made it a lot easier for me to send off emails to connect with potential clients or partners. And I've been showing up consistently on social media, which is something I've struggled with for what feels like years. It seems like now that I have a clearer vision of the work I want to be doing and where I want to be going with my career/business, it's been easier to show up and share."

Erika Dillon


"When I first started out with Logan (Nov) I was maybe making $500 a month with one or maybe two clients, and by March I was making over $6,000 per month, and now I am making 20k+ plus per month.
Logan helped me with the confidence and the skills to reach out to my ideal clients and get jobs that I probably wouldn't have even thought I could get a few months ago."

Kathleen Murray


"I've had a 20k month of booked work!
With 75% of that work being focused in illustration and lettering, and all of it being totally aligned with the type of projects I'd like to continue working on in the future. And I had my first piece of lettering/illustration work that was published in a newspaper this month! I've also gotten actual paid work from outreach for the first time ever and have painted my biggest (and 2nd) mural!"

Christina Kwiek


"Over the three months of the course I won a big illustration project, booked a new branding client and also won a pitch to do a magazine layout, all projects that I'm excited to be working on, and that I wouldn't have won with the skills I learned on the course."

Lucy Giller


"Before the Flammable course, I didn't know where to begin with outreach. What to say, who to email, what approach to take... Now I am sending close to 10 outreach emails a week."

Rachael Stetson


"My biggest win from doing the program is going from feeling defeated to feeling like I can actually build a successful art career for myself and realise the dreams I have had for so long."

Deepti Sunder


"I've consistently earned at least 10K per month for the first quarter of 2023. This success has given me a greater sense of confidence and ease with my revenue structure. I'm excited to continue pushing my business forward and exploring new opportunities for growth."

Georgia Barrett


"A recent win has been pricing myself out of some jobs. Usually I'll put a number down on a proposal, and then have the client come back and say what they can afford, followed by me lowering my cost as to meet their needs while still delivering the same outcome. Now, I'm negotiating better, and if the client cannot afford my offer, then I will kindly decline the job."

Andrew Strugnell

"One huge change is I'm making and sustaining $10k+ a month income since taking Logan's program. To be honest I was a bit skeptical that I would be able to. It seemed like such a reach but I'm grateful he was able to help me balance my work load and offer insight on what avenues to focus on."

Jess Miller


Client success stories

Alana McCarthy

"It's amazing what results you can get when you invest money in yourself and your business! It sky-rocketed my progress and now I am a 6 figure creative!"

Molly McDougall

"I got to a point in my business that I was like, I know what I want, I know where I want to go, I just want to work smarter not harder to get there"

Sydney Prusso

"I wanted to average $4500 a month. Then I landed the biggest job of my career, and that number became negligible; for that month my income was sky high!"

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