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Most creatives struggle with the business stuff, they don’t enjoy marketing, they hate the word sales, they’re not clear on how to turn their creativity into value, they struggle with self confidence... 

Are you ready to finally grow your business, chase your dreams, develop your creative potential, have flexibility in your day and earn what your want?

With Flammable Creative Programmes you’ll develop your marketing, mindset, and strategies and take action to actually get the results you deserve.

So wherever you are within your creative business journey, let's take your incredible creative abilities and combine them with the business stuff to finally build a sustainable long term dream business. 

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Lifetime Creative Program

This program is perfect for early stage visual creatives including Graphic Designers, illustrators and Muralists.
It helps them develop their business skills, grow their confidence and put systems in place so that they can earn more and spend MORE time on the creative side of what they do. Some people are wanting to grow their business to enable them to leave their boring day job, whilst others are already full time on their business, but want it to be more sustainable without burning themselves out.
Are you ready to become a Lifetime Creative too?

Have a clear long term plan in strategy in place (without resorting to hussle culture).

Setup actual systems (so you can spend as much time as possible on the creative side)

Actually finally do the marketing stuff (without it being frustrating guesswork)

Start earning what you deserve to get paid (without having to work extra hours)

Connect with a like minded community of visual creatives (people who ‘get’ you)

Find new clients who are dying to work with you (without spending money on ads)

Help you to actually believe you are a real business owner (not just a side hustler)

"Outreach! The push to connect with others in my community, to see if I can help them out with my skills, if we can make a partnership—this has been the most important action I've been coached to take. Also, shifting from a scarcity to an abundance mindset has been really helpful to remove pressure as I do more outreach!"

Liz Volpi


"I've started treating my Instagram and Newsletter much more seriously and have noticed the difference it makes when I reach out to my audience more frequently and invite them to engage with me. I've also started treating myself seriously in the way I handle my clients and it has made a world of a difference. I've already gotten paid way more in 1 month than when I've tried to do business on my own."

Alyssa Gonzalez


"I've done so much work on myself, I have completely overhauled my ideas about labor and what's possible for my life, I've worked on my mindset and confidence and boundary setting and mental health. I've taken back some control and agency over my own time and peace, I'm learning how to rest. I'm completely restructuring what success looks like to me."

Carina White


Flammable Accelerator Program

The Flammable Accelerator is a longer term support program designed to enable clients to consolidate learnings, master their business skills and develop a long term sustainable business that will continue to grow for years to come. 

Have a plan to grow your monthly revenue to 5k, 10k and even 20k per month!

Build a long term abundance mindset (that will help you through all and every challenge that comes at you).

Have a team to support you through the challenges (and growth pains that are inevitable!)

Challenge your beliefs and mindsets around what you thought is possible.

"The biggest shift for me so far has been leaning into thinking of my work as a business - I think I've been afraid to lean too hard into that in the past, but it's stopped me from getting really serious and taking the business to the next level (still a work in progress of course!).

The "small" things like separating my personal and business finances, putting my offerings/services on my website, making all of my branding consistent across all platforms and overall just clarifying my purpose and working on the fundamentals has been a big help to me!"

Jillian Goeler

"I'm finally taking action on something I've talked about doing for years. Having an established process to go through with support whenever I need it has helped me feel like I'm heading in the right direction. It feels like I'm taking small actions right now, but what to do next helps me know that they're all adding up.

The calls and support have been super helpful. It's great to be able to make sure I'm on the right track or see if there's something I should dig deeper into."

Paula Enos


"I feel a lot more confident in regards to client management and I've really benefited from the organizational tools that have allowed me to evaluate and strategize how I run my business (reviewing my marketing funnels, core strategy, revenue tracker, etc.).

I've realized how much time and energy I put into certain parts of my business and where I'm getting not only the most ROI but also the most enjoyment."

Molly McDougall


Flammable Influencer Program

If you have over 10k followers on instagram then you can be called an ‘Influencer’ (whether you like that or not!). This program is combined with the Lifetime Creative Program or the Flammable Accelerator to give people with these larger followers an extra layer of support, designed to help them make the most out of their audience and community they have created. 

Build new revenue streams (such as brand deals, education offerings and affiliate partnerships).

Connect with other like minded visual creatives with larger followings.

Actually leverage your amazing audience for business growth (without ‘selling out’ to them).

Increase your revenue substantially (via non sleazy tactics).

"One huge change is I'm making and sustaining $10k+ a month income since taking Logan's program. To be honest I was a bit skeptical that I would be able to. It seemed like such a reach but I'm grateful he was able to help me balance my work load and offer insight on what avenues to focus on.

Through his coaching course I was able to lean into my strengths, craft actionable goals, and diversify my income streams"

Jess Miller


"I’m consistently meeting goals I couldn’t have dreamed of last year, both financially and artistically. I’m more confident in my business and skills than ever. As it turned out, my artistic skill wasn’t the issue. If you’re in a position to do so, invest in yourself. Working with a coach was a total 180 for me.

Even though I already knew some of the stuff in the course since I’d taken other business courses, it was so valuable visiting those things from a creative perspective, having Logan hold me accountable to my goals, and shifting my mindset around my business."

Sydney Prusso


"Last fall, I was at the point in my career where I didn’t know what actions to take to get me to the next level in my business. I’ve got a wildly independent DIY attitude, and it was hard for me to accept that I was stuck. I’d try things but wasn’t sure if what I was doing was working or even what to do next…

Since joining his coaching program, Logan has helped me gain clarity and confidence in the business side of freelance life. Plus, he keeps me accountable and ensures that I stay on track to hit the goals I want to achieve."

Joanna Muñoz


Want to meet some clients?

Hear what they have to say about their experience and results.

Alana McCarthy

"It's amazing what results you can get when you invest money in yourself and your business! It sky-rocketed my progress and now I am a 6 figure creative!"

Molly McDougall

"I got to a point in my business that I was like, I know what I want, I know where I want to go, I just want to work smarter not harder to get there"

Sydney Prusso

"I wanted to average $4500 a month. Then I landed the biggest job of my career, and that number became negligible; for that month my income was sky high!"

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