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Hey, Logan Elliott here!

I help illustrators, graphic designers, muralists & visual creatives to finally grow their dream business.

After completing my masters degree in entrepreneurship, I started and grew my own creative business for eleven years. It was an incredible ride where I learnt a ton about running creative businesses (the good & the bad!).

While running my own business, I realized that many people struggle to bridge the gap between their amazing creative skills and the business side.

However, I loved to bridge that gap!

I started to work with universities and Creative Programs to help creatives to get the business stuff right.

Soon amazing creatives started approaching me as they didn't need to go to university, but they did need help with the business side of their creative business!

Flammable Entrepreneur coaching was born.

Since then I have:

Worked with 100's of visual creatives, throughout North America and Europe, helping them to finally grow their own creative businesses that they love!

Helped clients leave toxic day jobs to finally build the business of their dreams.

Taken visual creatives from 1k to 5k per month, and then on to 10k per month and beyond; whilst doing what they love!

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What my clients say...

"One huge change is I'm making and sustaining $10k+ a month income since taking Logan's program. To be honest I was a bit skeptical that I would be able to. It seemed like such a reach but I'm grateful he was able to help me balance my work load and offer insight on what avenues to focus on."

Jess Miller


"Since starting to work with Logan I have: quit my day job and work 100% as an artist. I have boosted outreach and marketing to court my ideal clients, booked a 5 figure client job, set big goals around what I want to achieve and I’m on track to reach them!"

Sienna Baldi


"My business was essentially dead when I started, and this program brought it back to life! I'm booking dream projects and actually have a satisfying income from freelance work. Two months after starting, I booked a job that paid for the program!"

Liz Volpi


Business Coaching to Fuel your creative success

Gain clear marketing vision, embrace a resilient mindset, craft effective strategies, and take bold actions. Together, we'll transform your artistic passion into thriving creative business reality.


With expert business coaching, you'll gain invaluable insights into effective marketing specifically tailored for visual creatives. Learn and finally take action on specific strategies that will not only get you in front of your dream clients but also transform your creative passion into a thriving and profitable business.


My coaching goes way beyond just the 'business stuff'; it also transforms your mindset. You'll develop the resilience to overcome setbacks, banish self-doubt, and embrace a mindset of abundance and possibility. You'll learn to view challenges as opportunities, fostering a positive outlook that propels you toward your creative aspirations.


Crafting a successful creative business demands a well-thought-out strategy. Through tailored coaching, you'll master the skills to develop comprehensive business plans, identify profitable niches, and optimize your offerings. You'll create a roadmap that aligns your creative vision with client needs, ensuring your business not only survives but thrives. Your strategies will be honed to perfection, giving you a competitive edge in the dynamic creative landscape.


Knowledge transforms into power when coupled with action. You'll be equipped with the motivation and tools to take decisive action. Whether it's launching your business, revamping your marketing, or building your revenue streams, you'll be guided through every step. Expect tangible, transformative results as you turn your creative aspirations into thriving, profitable ventures.

Client success stories

Alana McCarthy

"It's amazing what results you can get when you invest money in yourself and your business! It sky-rocketed my progress and now I am a 6 figure creative!"

Molly McDougall

"I got to a point in my business that I was like, I know what I want, I know where I want to go, I just want to work smarter not harder to get there"

Sydney Prusso

"I wanted to average $4500 a month. Then I landed the biggest job of my career, and that number became negligible; for that month my income was sky high!"

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