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I Help Graphic Designers & Visual Creatives
Grow Their Biz to
10k Per Month

Hey there. My name is Logan Elliott and I am excited to connect with you!

After completing my Entrepreneurship Masters I started and grew my own creative business for 11 years...
It was an incredible ride where I learnt a tonne about running creative businesses (the good & the bad!). In addition I have worked with Universities and Creative Programs around the world helping creatives to learn and grow.


  • I have since worked with 100's of Graphic Designers & Visual Creatives, helping them to grow their own businesses using my wealth of business knowledge and experiences. 


  • I have helped clients leave toxic day jobs to finally build the business of their dreams.


  • I have taken freelance creatives from 1k per month to 5k per month and then on to 25k per month and beyond.

    Are you next? Let's talk!

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Logan helped me have a wildly successful year, beyond anything I could have imagined.
Logan helped me go from 10k per month to
50k per month after 6 months of coaching
- Maggie McGaugh (Furniture Flipper & Influencer) 

"When I first started out with Logan I was making around $500 a month. Within 6 months I was making over 6k per month and had left my day job.
Now from his ongoing support I am making 20k plus per month. 
Logan has helped me with the confidence and the skills to reach out to my ideal clients, past clients and get jobs that I wouldn't have thought I could ever get"
Kathleen Murray (Graphic Designer & Illustrator)

Logan's business coaching is my secret weapon. Logan is delightful & super knowledgeable.
He gets my vision and has helped me reach 
big milestones way earlier than I would have on my own. He’s a friend, teacher, counselor, and cheerleader 💕

- Siena Baldi (Artist and Designer)

I really like to have access to Logan's knowledge
For example, when I was doing my very first contract negotiation - it was the most money I had ever charged and I didn't know if it was too high or too low and Logan helped guide me on that.
- Eve Staats (Graphic Designer & Artist)

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Do you want more growth? 

I'm on a mission to help thousands of creative business owners reach their full potential and build incredible lives.

My only question is,
will you be one of them?

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Small steps now, can lead to big transformation with time.

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