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Creative Busine

Passion and creativity is not enough...

Great ideas are not enough...

Talk is not enough...

The harsh reality is that the world is full of creative people who are stuck in 9-5 jobs, doing work they don't really care that much about. Stuck in jobs counting the hours away and seeing their dreams disappear into the 'one day' category. Or they are stuck with a slow growing creative business that feels like it is not getting anywhere...

See the reality is, that if you don't have the business 'stuff' sorted then you will never have a 'real' business and it will forever be a hobby, a dream, an idea... That is where this opportunity comes in for you!


The Creative Business Accelerator is an 8 week program designed to level up your creative business skill set, mindset and toolset.

It is designed for early stage creatives including Surface Designers, Illustrators, Graphic Designers, Fine Artists, Muralists and more!


The next accelerator starts in Mid March 2022!
Sign up for the early access list!

If you are unsure if this is for you, then take the 5min Creative Business Checkin to see where you are at!

After the 8 week course with Logan, we had the confidence

to leave our 9 to 5 careers to become full time entrepreneurs with no regrets!


- Chris Dentel and Désirée De La Mater (Le Brazen Arts Education & Studios)

During the 8 weeks you will learn more about creative business, connect with a community of like-minded creative business owners and get support and direction from Logan Elliott.

More importantly you will be supported to take real action to finally grow your ideas and creative business!


It is designed as a part time program which you can complete next to part or full time work or creative business activities - and what's best - it is all done online - so you can do it from anywhere in the world!

Creative Business Accelerator - Flammabl


Each week consists of a highly specialised creative masterclass that Logan has run at Universities & creative business programs over the last 8 years and therefore they are highly developed & incredibly impactful.

The workshops are designed for those pre or just starting out, or early on in their creative business journey (within the first few years).

Each topic will be covered via an online self study Masterclass that is 60-90 minutes long:

1. Your Master Plan

- How to take a fresh look at your creative abilities and ideas and build them into something you would love to create and share as a business. 

2. The Business Fundamentals

- Skipping these will cost you thousands! Engaging with these will bring you more success. 

3. Growing Your Money Tree

- How diverse product & service offerings can bring you income on autopilot whilst allowing you to do what you love - create!

4. The Lifeblood of your Business

- Optimizing cash flow for people who hate math. 

5. Pricing Masterclass

- How to double your profits without increasing sales.

6. Promoting your creative works via Social Media

- building an audience of thousands of dedicated fans who LOVE what you create.


7. Building creative partnerships to accelerate 

- Building creative partnerships to share your products and services through uplifting others. 

8. Marketing and sales by sharing your creativity and joy

- Share your ideas with the world by offering what you and your audience love (AKA marketing and sales for creative businesses).


Weekly 60-90min Masterclass

A self study video masterclass with Logan which will include:

  • Specialised topic teaching (deep dive into the specific weeks topic).

  • Clear direction with activities and actions.

  • You watch them in your own time each week and have lifetime access to the recordings.

Past participants describe these masterclasses as highly engaging, fun, and incredibly impactful for their creative business. 



  • Access to the private community Accelerator Facebook group

  • Opportunities to connect with other creatives via the facebook group, the Live Q and A, and the Community group call (Virtual Cuppa).

  • You will be assigned a creative business buddy from the course to connect with (chosen to best suit each other).

Extra Support

  • Weekly motivational and mindset tips from Logan Elliott.

  • Live group Q and A call Logan Elliott and other participants. 

  • Templates (checklists, spreadsheet & handy business templates).

  • Extra bonuses including a recorded workshop from Cat Coq! (see below)

A 60 min deep dive call with Logan

1:1 Deep Dive Call


  • This is done 1-on-1 with Logan Elliott via Zoom.

  • We will go into specific tips and challenges for you.

  • This is done before, during or within 1 month after accelerator.

  • There are also package variations where you can exclude this call, or add additional calls.

Special Bonus Material from Cat Coq!

My friend Cat Coq, whom I run retreats with (next one is in Spain!), has given us a special workshop to give to you as a Bonus!

It is a recording of a live workshop with Cat and Logan all about building Partnerships and Licensing for visual creatives!
It is an absolute must see - cool huh!


It's time to invest in yourself.


Which plan suits your creative business needs?



1. A clear path & fun actionable steps towards your dreamed ideas.

2. A relevant toolkit of activities, tools, templates & guides.

3. A shifted mindset away from misconceptions & limiting beliefs.

4. Guidance to avoid common challenges and distractions.


5. Support & encouragement to thrive in creative business

Something I really appreciated about Logan, that I have not found in a lot of other courses I have taken, is a real willingness to meet you where you are. He is really compassionate, You can tell he genuinely cares about the people he is working with.

Jaime Bramble Schell

The accelerator covered all of the essentials in business I needed to know.

- Kirsty Glasgow (Framed Alive)

I have never been good at marketing, nor have I ever I enjoyed it, but Logan introduced us to new methods and ideas that I have never thought about before, which was super helpful and it made marketing more fun for me.

Claudia Brüggen

Basic Plan

Eight Mindset Videos

Cat Coq's workshop bonus

Community Call (Virtual Cuppa)

Essentials Package

Eight Masterclasses

CBA FB Community Access

One deep-dive 1:1 zoom session

with Logan Elliott (1hr)

Eight Mindset Videos

Cat Coq's workshop bonus

2x bonus Modules 
(Productivity + Proposals)

Community Call (Virtual Cuppa)

Live Q & A Webinar with Logan

Website & portfolio reviews


All of Essentials Package

Two additional deep-dive calls with Logan (x3 total calls)

WhatsApp+ email support from Logan during the program

Morning Routine Mini Video Course

Eight Masterclasses

CBA FB Community Access

*Prices quoted are in US Dollars.

*Once you've chosen your plan and signed up we will be in touch within 48hrs with more course information & resources.

The program was really helpful for creatives, it appreciated the creative mind works a little differently. You might have a couple of weeks where you just want to veg out and then other weeks with intense creative energy.


Jaime Bramble Schell

What I would say to someone considering this course? Do it, do it, do it!

What are you waiting for!?


- Claudia Brüggen

Do you have some questions?

Check out the FAQ page or Contact Logan.

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