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Want to grow your business to 6 figures?

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My passion is to help Graphic Designers and Visual Creatives to realise their full potential and grow the business of their dreams to six figures. I do this leveraging my own experiences with over fifteen years running my own creative businesses and ten years coaching creatives & educating at Universities & Business Programmes around the world!

"Logan helped me have a wildly successful year, beyond anything I could have imagined. Logan helped me go from 10k per month to 50k per month after 6 months of coaching"

- Maggie McGaugh (Furniture Flipper & Influencer) 

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"When I first started out with Logan I was making around $500 a month. Within 6 months I was making over 6k per month and had left my day jobNow from his ongoing support I am making 20k plus per month. Logan has helped me with the confidence and the skills to reach out to my ideal clients, past clients and get jobs that I wouldn't have thought I could ever get"

- Kathleen Murray (Graphic Designer & Illustrator)

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"I feel more confident about reaching out and networking with others now. I now have a clearer vision for the future of my business. I am adjusting my branding in a way that includes a more human approach, plus I am re-structuring my prices, lots of work ahead!"

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Business coaching is my secret weapon. Logan is delightful & super knowledgeable. He gets my vision and has helped me reach big milestones way earlier than I would have on my own. He’s a friend, teacher, counselor, and cheerleader 💕

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I really like to have access to Logan's knowledge. For example, when I was doing my very first contract negotiation - it was the most money I had ever charged and I didn't know if it was too high or too low and Logan helped guide me on that.
- Eve Staats (Graphic Designer & Artist)

I work with a very small number of Graphic Designers and Visual Creatives at any one time, initially on my 3 month program and then potentially longer term.

Most programs include having online zoom coaching calls, program modules, plus support in between the live sessions. During the live zoom and via the modules I help you develop your creative business and breakthrough challenges, plus teach you specialised areas of business to level up your skillset, mindset and toolset.

My clients are based throughout the world (90% are based in the US, Canada or Europe). 


Most clients are within the first 1-3 years of their business and many of them do not even call themselves business owners but refer to themselves as freelancers. Half are full-time on their businesses already, but wanting to grow, and the other half have day jobs next to their businesses they would like to leave.

Does this sound like you? If so, then lets
connect up and see how I can help out!

What you will get out of the coaching

  1. Support & accountability

  2. Clear path and actionable steps

  3. Given any relevant business activities, tools, templates & guides

  4. A shifted mindset away from misconceptions & limiting beliefs

  5. Avoid common mistakes and pitfalls

  6. Creative specific business advice & teachings


Keen to explore more? 

Share more about your Ideas and Creative Business and learn how Logan can support you.

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